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Community Music Project!


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Hi, I am looking to engage with some local musicians in a community project to create music collectively. I'm looking for anyone who is interested in making music, I'm looking for a variety of instruments so please, I'd love for you to get in touch!

Basically this is a project for my university course and the aim is that I meet and engage with other adults locally to create a soundscape of collaborative work. I am looking to meet with and produce some work over the next four weeks! For the first session, I'd like to meet to discuss and get to know each other and our backgrounds?

Anyone interested?

Chris Mutch

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Thanks guys for getting back to me. I've had to alter my approach to this project slightly so would you be interested in meeting so I could interview you about your music styles and where/how you play in the local community?

If so, could we cut out the middle man and get in touch via my email address which is c.mutch.10@aberdeen.ac.uk


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