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THE BIRDS OF PARADISE - hardcore punk but not as we know it!

Dizzy Storm

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The Birds of Paradise - www.thebirdsofparadise.com

'A treat for all Hardcore listeners. Simply one of the best English bands around that could take out a lot of American Hardcore acts. Truly spellbinding stuff....'

Avante-noise sextet The Birds of Paradise are another act whose incendiary live show precedes them. Two months after they formed in October last year they played their first show at Sound Republic, Leicester Square in front of 500 people. Their explosive set saw them break four microphones, a keyboard stand, three cymbals, a snare and an arm. They were subsequently banned for life. Such a live show saw Drowned in Sound's Mike Diver declare them, without doubt the greatest unsigned act that I have EVER witnessed, describing them as a 100mph collision between a Converge gig and G.A.Y. at the Astoria!

review of EP...... The whole episode feels like some type of joyous car crash as it veers across the road scaring you witless as the onslaught comes and goes with some ingenious arrangements and vocal tracks. Its hardcore punk but not as we know it kids. Opening track Ornine Utopia is possibly the best of the three as it incorporates everything from an electronic opening before moments of brutal noise are blended into the serene tranquillity of laid-back silence. Arriving + Leaving is similar and dares to include a drum solo at the end, while final track Black Biro Lines on her Thigh compounds it all by including an extremely funky jazz section in the middle before ending it on the kind of dank dankness that any metal band would wet their flowing locks over.


DOORS 7.30


support from CONTRA & 1 tbc

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