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Doepfer Dark Energy MkI synth and Dark Time sequencer


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Bit of a long shot on here but am selling two quality pieces of analogue synth equipment by german manufacturer Doepfer.


Doepfer Dark Energy synth (left)

Doepfer Dark Time Step sequencer (right)

Both are serious bits of kit, if you know anything about synths you'll know what these are.

The Dark Energy is the original MKI version, with much loved CEM filter, this chip is no longer in production thus there is now a MKII version with vastly inferior filter. This is essentially a modular synth in one with break out points on the LFO and EV, CV inputs for pitch, filter, vca etc. and an integrated MIDI/USB to CV (with outputs for all CV) so it could double as a midi to CV converter. Great sound is possible , 100% fully analogue, check videos on youtube etc for an idea.

As its no longer made and much revered Im looking for £375. Yes you can buy a MKII for £399 new but it wont sound like this.

The Dark Time is a 2x8 step sequencer with CV/Gate and MIDI output. Various timing patterns, adjustable clock speed/source/shuffle/gate time , the two steps can be combined to give 16 steps, or it can be used in a special mode where the second row adjusts gate time. Forward/Backward/Random stepping. The dogs bollocks. I have owned this for about a week and really only opened it to see it working and take this picture, a bit of an impulse buy I am regretting now so looking to sell for £350, I paid £389. The thing is literally brand new and have receipt to prove it. Was ordered just before new year and arrived last Friday. Save £40 if you were planning on buying one new at least.

Not really open to deals unless someone wanted to buy both together, £700. You wouldn't get both for that 2nd hand off ebay.

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