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Cheap pedals/guitars for sale


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None of this stuff has been used for a long time and with a total rejig of my rig it is definitely not needed. The Aria and Hondo are a bit rough around the edges and are ideal projects.

Aria Pro II RS Wildcat £40

Hondo II Professional LP copy £50 (rewired with axetec orange drop wiring kit + Iron Gear Hammerheads)

Roland Microcube £45

Behringer NR100 noise reduction pedal £15

Behringer V-amp 2 £30 (w/ case, footswitch, power supply and manual)

Behringer VT999 Vintage tube monster w/ Sovtek 12AX7LPS tube. £40 (+power supply)

Boss MT2 Metal Zone £25 (modified, don't ask me what mod it is, but it sounds WAY better than stock and is actually pretty usable, has been owned by a few people here and was modded by lamedrummer I believe).

Ibanez RG321MH wEMG81/85 and gator hardcase £200. Not in picture but listed elsewhere here

Open to offers.


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Some videos of the vintage tube monster. It's a big metal housed tank, not the flimsy plastic cased models. Here it is vs a DS-1. I believe both of these videos are stock and personally I thought the stock tube was woeful, hence replacing with the sovtek.

Also this was recorded using the v-amp 2. They can be made to sound half decent!

I have interest in the Aria and Microcube so they are being held but as yet no firm sales. Usual offers/discounts for multiple items policy.

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