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Lead Guitarist wanted for classic rock band


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A bit of everything (mainly classic rock but a bit of modern stuff too) plan on doing covers first off and start writing once were up and running, anything from ac/dc, tom petty, rolling stones, thin lizzy etc to snow patrol, feeder, biffy and the foos... need to be able to play quick little solos but also be up for playing rhythm on a few songs aswel.

Pm for more detials, we have a fully kitted rehersal studio in Hatton ready to rock in, must be fully committed and under 30.... oh and were a gothic emo free zone so if your weird just leave now... were normal guys with good normal jobs that love rock and roll so get involved! :)

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Hi I'm 23 y o a guitarist living in Aberdeen but originaly from ellon which is up in your neck of the woods. Up until very recently I was lead vocals and guitar in a local band where we played a lot of gigs round Aberdeen with our own material but there's not much happening with that any more so i'm looking to get into a new band just playing guitar. I play a lot of classic rock mainly ac/dc, zeppelin, hendrix and rush as well as a bit of metal. So if your still looking give me a shout and we can maybe get something sorted.

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I'm 22 play lead. Ex music teacher. Played for 16 years.

Toured with the surrogate pink floyd and a few others.

Busted my hand up five year ago and been dying to get back into it since.

Got my own home studio and a bunch of gear.

Influences acdc rush pink floyd zztop etc.

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