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Sat 6 Oct // MICKEY 9S (glasgow) + TOKE // The Burn

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Fudge & The Moorings Bar present:

Saturday 6th October - ‘The Burn’ with DJ Grumpy Auldsteen and two live bands.


Genre: Superfluent Sizzzle Beat.

Four gorgeous young lads appeared in the hovels of Glasgow's wicked streets. Yay, tis true. From small, miserable dwellings they emerged with but one intention: to hoach the place to smithereens. Armed only with a huge supply of Bass and snippets of a culture lost in the mists of modernity they proceeded to beast the place up, much to the delight of the local inhabitants, who had grown sore in the groin from funk deficiencies. They were friends extraordinaire, a band of brothers in each others' mothers, only too well aware of the potentials of Beat: the rest is silence. And then MICKEY 9 explosion time! And then silence. And then applause for ever and ever, amen.

Band interests: Quite interested in Debt Consolidation.



First act onstage 9pm, second act 10pm. Strictly 18+ only. Free entry before 8.45pm, £3 thereafter until close. Plus! DJ Grumpy Auldsteen brings us his clubnight The Burn from 11pm until 3am. You can expect 80s/90s tunes: rock, metal and lots, lots more - until it's chucking out time and you all have to go home. Boo!

The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About

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support fae: TOKE

Promising an energetic set of full on party metal, Montrose/Aberdeen-based quartet Toke list their interests as “fighting, drinking, smoking and sex”. Mixing metal, thrash, punk, and the Jungle Book, I’ll bet no other band this year does a cover of ‘King Of The Swingers’... Onstage 9pm.


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