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MAPEX Saturn Series Kit Excellent Condition + Black Panther Snare, Rack and More..


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MAPEX Saturn Series Kit Excellent Condition + Black Panther Snare and More..

Im selling my Kit as im now mostly playing guitar...it is in excellent condition all round...the finish is as shown here:


The set up is with 1 rack tom and 2 floor toms.

Also it comes with a Black Panther Ltd Edition snare (could use a new top skin)

Iron Cobra Double bass drum Pedal - work great but has been used a fair bit.

PDP Rack system with more than enough mounts for cymbals (still very shiny and new)

Zildjain HiHats, ride and China

Paiste Alpha brilliant metal crash

Paiste Alpha Brilliant Rock crash

Various other cymbals and hardware including Cymbal Stands - Hi Hat etc

Pretection Racket cases for all drums and semi rigid hardware case with wheels.

As i say everything the kit and rack are in excellent condtion.

Black Panther and Iron cobra are more used and have some cosmetic scuffs gained through normal playing.

ill even through in the cowbell!!

More than welcome to come and check it out.



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