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Guitarist and bass player needed!


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Weve recently just sacked our other guitarist and bass player and are looking to replace them, they never got sacked cause there not good enough (were not like that) they just hardly turned up and we were getting nowhere!

We jam just outside Ellon in a place called Hatton, at the drummers house which weve recently spent a lot turning his garage into a fully kitted out rehersal studio.

Were looking for some fully committed guys to finish the line up, Right now were playing covers, classic rock mostly with a bit of modern stuff and that in there aswel, We do intend on writing but no 1 is gonna pay you to hear a bunch of songs they dont know, so once we have a full set of kick ass covers and bought ourself the best of stuff we will get writing.

Looking for lads between 18-30 who are good for a laugh and love music as much as us.

2 more things, if you look like dracula or have clothes that only come in black, exit thread now ;)


Hatton is quite awkward for buses so if you dont live local or drive your probably wasting your time aswel.

Thank you! and goodnight!

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