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[Sep 6, 2012] Hot City Every Thursday at Snafu- Disco, House, Italo, Fun (Aberdeen)

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Hot City is back at its weekly stop off every Thursday at Snafu after it’s summer break. This month there are a couple of special parties to make things just that little bit extra special in the Snafu basement.

Weekly Thursday nights at Snafu

Thu 9th August

MWX Birthday Special

A celebratory welcome back with Cake and balloons to celebrate resident MWX being another year older in style.

Thu 16th August

Residents Youlap and MWX are on hand to play the finest in italo, house and disco.

Thu 23rd August

Residents Youlap and MWX are on hand to play the finest in italo, house and disco.

Thu 30th August

Zine Release Party 003

Ft. Special Guest

To finish off the month we hold a party to mark the release of another Hot City Zine. The issue will only be available on the night and from selected outlets throughout Aberdeen and also Glasgow. This is the third issue to be sent to press and in good sted may I say so.

Previous releases have included an array of whimsicle delights from local artists, DJ’s, photographers and just people who are a dab hand with a good old pen and piece of papers. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for any work that is submitted as the zine is a free publication but your work will be seen in both distributers around Aberdeen and also Glasgow.

The final submissions for the zine is on the 14th August and if your work is up to scratch they may make the final print. If you feel like you have a piece of work or are interested in contributing to this or any future zines contact our all rounded resident and visual extraordinaire MWX at marianne@m-w-x.com.


Check out the Hot City Blog for art, posters, ideas, illustrations and just a hali racket of all things good with the world of Disco and beyond. Featured is previous artwork for the night and also the Zine publications.

Get involved with the Hot City goodness.







1 Union St, Aberdeen

World's Top 100 Clubs 2012

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