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Marionettes at the Tunnels 8th August 2012

Graham Knight

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I have just come from a very successul show by Aberdeen Indie band - The Marionettes.

A Wednesday may be an odd night for a gig but The Marionettes had quite a crowd for their latest show in town.

Fresh from a week long tour tour that encompassed dates all over Scotland, the band were obviously well rehearsed and had a very appreciative audience.

The Marionettes are a five piece band that is led by vocalist Paddy Buchan and they are fairly driven along by their pile-driving drummer - watching him play is a show in itself.

Paddy Buchan has some good humourous linking material between numbers, even asking for a drink of Sprite halfway through. The roadie who went to get the drink was engaged in a funny bit of banter with Paddy having to produce the money to pay for it:).

Best number of the night for me was an original composition called "Shrinking Violets".

The whole band worked well and Paddy leapt about even more than the last time I saw them at the Lemon Tree.

The Marionettes deserve to be playing bigger places.


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