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Wanted: 12" Speakers x2


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Of course!

I will be running a 5w valve head through two seperate 1x12". the speakers in the cabs (marshall 1912) just now are the stock speakers, celestion G12B-150. Both cabs were caught in a flood 2 years ago and i have been given them to clean up. One speaker still works and the other distorts. As the head seems to prefer two 16ohm speakers, i decided just to look into replacing both speakers. I understand i can run two 8ohm cabs through the amps single 16ohm output, but that seems like too much hassle with making a daisy cable to suit, although i wouldnt rule out the option if the price was right ;)

As far as style, i dabble in a bit of everything so not bothered about achivieng a specific tone, and in fact one cab will most see most of its use in a teaching studio, the other at home as i take the head to and from studio/home. occasionally i may use it in gig situation using both cabs, but i do have other equipment i use for gigging. (musicman HD130)

I had an excellent price of £65 for two g12t-75 but this has fallen through. i have only looked at celestion, but read good things about eminence and jenson. As previously mentioned, i am new to the specifics of speakers, so maybe some1 knows of another solution?

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