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Ampeg set-up for sale


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Hi guys,

For sale:

Ampeg SVT 3 PRO Bass amp: RRP new +/- £800



Has lived its whole life in a 4u Rack Case. Will include speaker lead, power cables, couple of other leads.

Ampeg B410HLF (4x10 Cab) RRP new +/- £350



Both bought about 2 yrs ago, only ever used in practice, never been gigged.

Looking to sell both together for £850ish...no rush, so not a desperate sale. Any reasonable offers will be entertained, not looking for swap.

For Sale also:

Tech21 Sansamp RBI: http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/sansamp/rbi.html


This is the REAL DEAL. Absolutely incredible bass effect unit. RRP £270, looking for about £180-200. Really is awesome, think i still have the manual somewhere, if not all the details are on the Tech 21 site. Bought about 18 months ago.

If interested in any of this stuff, or any questions, please email me as I don't check this site that often: alexagnew1984@gmail.com thanks.

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