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13"x7.5" Wendge/Bubinga Snare, for sale...


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Custom built Stave 13"x7.5" Wendge/Bubinga Snare, because even though it tunes really nice at different tensions and all that, (and of course you can play it really quietly and gentle) it's just too 'bloody load' in comparison with my Dark Energy cymbals and the way I like the rest of my kit tuned, so it has to find a Rock/Metal guy, who could use it as a high pitched 'Big Sounding' Side Snare...

While planning and making this Snare I tried something slightly out of the ordinary, the actual shell diameter is not the prescribed 12 and 7/8", as a normal 13" Drum requires, I made this one slightly smaller so that the outer edge of the skins are free floating when in tension by the rims, (it's based on a 'Gong' drum I made years ago out of a cut down 20" Bass Drum, that I fitted a single 22" head to and mounted at the back of my massive double 24" Bass multi tom nonsense of a kit, when I didn't have to do my own Roadying), and the resulting Snare, along with the use of a thick shell of Wendge has created a 'Frankestien Monster' which is beyond my control... if you're interested in this one, p.m. me your email address and I'll take some pictures and maybe include an MP3 sound clip, or you could see and try it out next week down Musical Vision, open to offers... Phil

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