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FS Music Man Silhouette HSH Black


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I think you are wasting your time here! If you are not registered on sevenstring.org you are nuts. a) they love music mans and someone might actually buy it b) they go crazy for axe fx's but I haven't seen anyone selling an axe fxII as everyone is still selling ultras to upgrade to the II c) you might actually get a seven string you want. The only catch with them is to post a thread in the classifieds sections you need 100 posts and have been a member for 6 months. As a new member you can still reply to threads others have posted and arrange deals though.

I doubt it though as there really are hardly Ibanez guitars that second hand for that money. The Prestige models that were around £1k brand new sell for £450ish second hand, some of the Korn sigs are heading towards that mark (not the budget apex 2's, apex 1 or apex 100's will be getting towards that price) but depends which model you are after and J customs are rare as hens teeth in the UK and go for way over £1k second hand. The only other models I see go for that money regularly are some of the other super rare models like XL's, and even then you may not want a 27" scale neck. Unluckily for you there was an RG1077XL and a Jaden Rose 7 string up for sale in the UK/EU but they both sold yesterday. Jaden Rose is a UK luthier who makes pretty stunning stock/semi customs that are based on RG's.

In all honesty if you get the Music Man sold I would just order a custom with the cash but each to their own! At least the custom route you definitely get what you want.

EDIT: Oops. Forgot about JEM's but again they aren't up for sale hugely often. I see that you had one and sold it. Why the change of heart?

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Hi Keeno, thanks for the suggestions.

I ordered the axe fx 2 last week so hopefully by the end of next week I should have it.

I was hoping to sell the Music Man locally because it's a lot easier especially if I can get anyone interested in a trade. I actually traded in an Ibanez Universe uv777pbk 99 last year for this one, but now that I've got another 6 string as a main axe I thought that it might be better to have a 7 string guitar on the side.

Anyway, I'm not in such a rush to sell it now that I managed to raise enough money for the axe fx. I am open though to other offers as I like to change my gear from time to time.

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