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Simon Scott (ex-Slowdive) + Gareth Dickson + The Kitchen Cynics Orchestra @ The Tunnels, 30 May

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interesting music promotions present


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Tunnels (Room 1), Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. Phone (01224) 211121

Doors 8pm

Advance Tickets £6+bf / £7 on door

Available from One-Up Records, Belmont Street, Aberdeen. Phone (01224) 642662 or online http://www.wegottickets.com/event/164176





Simon Scott is a multi-instrumentalist, sound recordist and ex-Slowdive drummer ("Just for a day" lp, "Souvlaki" lp and the "5ep") who runs the KESH music label from Cambridge, UK.

His work in recent years explores a fusion of digital sound manipulation with melodic and organic textures inspired by his interests in sound ecology, human perception, music technology and photography.He has toured internationally since 1990 (as a member of Slowdive) and has had his compositions featured in a variety of international films, music festivals, theatre productions, sound installations and digital multi-media projects.

Scott's sophomore album "Bunny" was released in October 2011 following his debut album "Navigare" in October 2009 on Miasmah (both albums were"Album Of The Week" on www.boomkat.com). His third album "Below Sea Level" will be released in spring 2012 on Taylor Deupree's label 12k. An EP "Traba" was released in June 2010 on vinyl by Immune Records and the "Silenne" sleep CD on Slaapwel released in November 2010. A 7" on Sonic pieces was released January 2011 and was voted www.textura.org's 'Single of the year'. Scott also co-wrote tracks for the second The Sight Below album "It All Falls Apart" released by Ghostly International in April 2010 and he has remixed Isan, Jasper TX, Machinefabriek and Papercutz.



Based around the acoustic guitar, Gareth Dickson's compositions employ effects (analogue delay and reverb) to recreate something of an ambient/electronic soundscape, as well as referencing some of the well known fingerpickers of the past. Sometimes entirely instrumental, sometimes with sparing vocals, always with the idea of exploring and finding new possibilities for an age old instrument. He has toured extensively as Vashti Bunyan’s guitarist and has toured as a solo artist providing support for Juana Molina and Isobel Campbell among others.

It’s great to have Gareth play for us again.

“From Glasgow, a solo artist singing and playing acoustic guitar - sometimes with effects, his songs slip between a beautifully sparse, emotive fragility (recalling Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, etc.) and denser instrumentals (recalling Eno or Labradford)” - FatCat Records



Those of us honoured to have witnessed the first Orchestra event will lay claim to have heard something very, very special in the annuls of IMP. Don't know what they will do this time around but we are sure it will be musically and visually wonderful. We are simply thrilled to have their second only live performance.


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some more superb reviews of Simon Scott, NEW album due for release a few days before Aberdeen date.

The Wire Magazine say: "Scott is particularly adept at layering coolly shimmering guitars and dark churning currents of noise into something vast". "A haunting aspect of 'Navigare' is how it seems to contain traces of tunes that stand out like half-forgotten relics of the past.

www.smallfish.co.uk"This is a tour de force...A stunning album".

www.boomkat.com say: "ALBUM OF THE WEEK. Revelatory"! "A wonderfully rich ambient record in its own right - one whose residual echoes of a shoegaze past give it an appeal that transcends the usual parameters of drone music".

www.fluid-radio.com"...as we approach the end of the ‘Navigare‘ tale the listener is left in a state of exultation knowing they have just listened to what has to be one of the best Miasmah releases to date". 10/10

www.EARLabs.org9/10 "The mysterious mood in this work reminds a bit of the films by David Lynch. With influences from (modern) classical music as well as modern electronic music he creates his own world of sound".

www.textura.org"The album's epic tone is immediately established when “Introduction of Cambridge” rolls out sheets of ethereal sound so immense they'll leave you swooning...another stellar addition to the label's catalogue".

www.somethingexcellent.com: "Navigare is a debut album that feels so assured...stunning"!

www.themilkfactory.co.uk"With Navigare, Simon Scott has created a contrasted piece of work, its vast sonic landscapes challenged by abrasions, distortions, its structure threatened by decay. There are moments reminiscent of Fennesz here, but Scott’s ill atmospheres and wintry soundscapes make this a much more ominous and dark proposition altogether".4.7/5

"Simon Scott has crafted a beautifully consistent and rich batch of tunes. If one thing is being made abundantly clear, it's that Simon Scott is carving a space for himself amongst the gauzy, texture-oriented music of a certain group of modern electronic musicians".

indiebandwagon.blogspot.com"This album is really stunning not only in it's detail but also in it's mammoth sounds. Simon Scott's work one can say in this album can be compared to Tim Hecker's albums ... this album blows you away with it's cyclonic sound"! My Rating : 8.5/10

/www.musiquemachine.com: "This record’s not for staring at the floor, it’s for peering up into a night sky spattered with northern lights"!

http://mapsadaisical.wordpress.com"Another masterful addition to the Miasmah catalogue". ALBUM OF THE WEEK!

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per the other thread "Claire and I had a short rehearsal last night with Alan. Personally, I think that what we've come up with is better than the last time we played"

this is exciting news that aficinados of great music should come along to....with the benefit of being able to purchase the first KC Orchestra CD which in itself is fantastic.

Can't wait for this if Claire & Jan are saying above/////////////////////////// woop

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