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Producer here, offering production and some recording

Drew DigiTek

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Im a local producer looking to get more involved with teh aberdeen music scene, moved away from aberdeen for some years but back now

I offer Audio production in the sounds of hip hop, bth older and modern, RnB, etc sample based or original composition.

I have great and affordable rates for production and will tailor to your budget

i also offer some recording of vocals and instruments both in the digital and analogue world. Its from my home but have a selection of gear and with nearly 14 years experience in production and around 10 years experience in recording.

If anyone is interested please let me know.

Can offer both Digital and analogue recordings,

Interfaces MOTU 896, Yamaha o1x + more (24 bit 96Khz offered)

Mics SM7B, 414 Original + more

Choice of Preamps Including Focusrite, tascam and more

Outboard compressors and dynamics

Choice of monitoring NS-10m, KRK etc

Production choice of hardware or sftware, vast MPC range including original 1988 MPC 60 + more

Choice of Daws, mac pro tools (002 black lion), logic (896, 01x) or pc cubase (o1x, 896) sessions provided

choice of DSP SSL, Yamaha etc


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