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Orange AD140 HTC & Orange 4 x 12 Cab

Matthew Watt

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For Sale,

Orange AD HTC head and Orange 4 x 12 Cab.

Bought second hand a fews years ago, I am the second owner of the amp. The head is in pretty good condition physically and works perfect. I took the amp to R&B pretty soon after buying and had it completely revalved, had to do this again soon after because i think it had been biased poorly so after buying a good set of matched valves and tacking the job myself with an electrician friend it has been working absolutely perfectly. Not much to say but an amazing amp, stupidly loud and has probably the best loud clean tone i've ever heard. I think the set up was maybe a bit neglected by the previous owner cause it took a little cleaning up but she's great now and i've been very careful with it.

Also for sale with the head is an Orange 4 x 12 cabinet. It's a bit marked physically and has a dent in the front cover from the previous owner but has worked perfectly since i bought it and sounds great.

Kind of an reluctant sale but it's just to much gear for me to carry about now. I'm hoping to buy a small orange 30w combo.

Welcome to come up and try the amp out before buying.

Please message me if you are interested, i stay an hour north of aberdeen but am happy to deliver it.

£750 for both, prefer to sell together.

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Hi Dubya,

Thanks for the interest. I will quite happily sell the head seperate if you are interested. I'd be looking for £550 though, no less.

It is a ridiculuos price Soda Jerk i know, but to be honest i bought it cheap and would feel bad selling it for alot more. Also i can't say for sure what kind of life it had before me, my friend who was friends with the guy i bought it from said the band he used to be in were a bit wild.


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