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Subsidian need new Bass player. + Gig sun 29th Aug

Niall - SubsidiaN

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Hey people,

Our bassist, Mark Duncan, has quit SubsidiaN to follow personal interests and so we've decided to post topics on these forums asking for experienced bass players to get in contact with us if they would ike to join a heavy metal band.

Anyone who is between 18-21, has heavy metal influences (Iced Earth, Metallica, Sonata Arctica, Helloween, Iron Maiden) and is willing to attend regular practices within Aberdeen City and help write music should contact the one of the following members of SubsidiaN:

Niall (Lead vocals and guitar): 07749445351

Ash (Drums): 07713621983

Alan (Backing vocals and lead guitar): 07746324131

Please contact us soon so if we like your style we can get you along to a practice and begin gigging again!

Niall Campbell

SubsidiaN :up:

P.S. We have a gig next Sunday (29th August) at Dr. Drakes so any bass player interested in us should come along to check it out!

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