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Tin pot ray

Getting gigs..?

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Just wondering if anyone had any advice for a band (Ska/punk/Heavy Mod akin to The Clash, The Pougues, The Jam, the Who) based in Belfast looking to get gigs in Scotland.

We have our own transport/gear/we dont mind sleeping rough etc.

Ray, Belfast.

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if you haven't played aberdeen before, you should take a wander over to the dr drakes forum, they may be able to offer you a gig if you send a demo. there are loads of venues in aberdeen though, drummonds, kef, moshulu, the moorings, as well as dr drakes of course.

also take a wander over to http://www.aubl.net and have a word with rico, he gets some bands in from far away (and not so far away) places and is pretty helpful.

other places in scotland i'm not so sure about, in edinburgh there's bannerman's and a backpackers hostel whose name escapes me, off the top of my head. glasgow has a few places too, one springing to mind being 13th note.

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