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Vintage amp for sale

Lenny Helsing

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I have a Sound City Concord vintage amp for sale. Output is 30 (up to 40) watts from two 12" Goodmans speakers. It has original grill cloth and trim, plus 'asteroid' style faders (two are missing) and VU meter. Made in England circa 1968-1973. Channel 1: two inputs (high and low sensitivity), volume, bass, and treble controls. Also brilliant and normal switch. Channel 2 is identical, and, although currently not working, has a reverb option. It is pretty loud on sensitivity 2, but has a mellower, cleaner sound on sensitivity 1. These amps were used by the likes of Status Quo, Moody Blues, and The Who back in the day. Want to sell for around 150, but open to negotiation. Cheers and thanks for reading this post - Lenny

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