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Hot City - a boundary-pushing riot


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We have sculpted a brand new nocturnal experience for Aberdeen under the guise of 'Hot City'. A weekly affair held in Club Snafu's infamous basement the night melts the best in contemporary, disco, italo and house delights with splashes of spontaneous techno electro. But it's about more than the audio, the idea is to create a community cult vibe where like-minded cats come to experience something a little out side the norm.

The night has a massive visual element, employing an immediately striking and unique art direction - taking cues from OZ mags of the 70's and nodding a head to the retro vintage era. Combining with visual artist Hampus Lideborg, we created a visual flyer that has widened a fair few pairs of eyes,

HOT CITY // Launch Night // September 4th on Vimeo

Add this to the rabbit masks our PR's may be forced to wear, the giant projector screen for the club with a loop supplied by IAM's Broadcastr lads, the chinese lanterns we'll be letting off and the free brownies at the cashdesk and you've got yourself quite a revolutionary cocktail.

Resident-wise we have enlisted the delights of Hushpuppy, Delusions of Grandeur, MWX and Josh Jones to chart out course into the minds of Scottish music dwellers. With a mix of heavily experienced masters and youthful talent the vibe of the night is embodied even in the DJ choice.

"Hot City is an electronic region populated by a mix of disco, italo, house and all of their contemporary incarnations. It's citizens are a youthful and bohemian bunch with one foot planted firmly in the finest synth-pop and drum machine delights on offer. Both eyes looking ever forward it hosts a vibrant weekly hideout for all with the itch to caper. Town Planning has recently given permission to desegregate the neighbourhoods of Music, Art and Imagination and City Governors have branded the region a boundary-pushing riot."

Check out the facebook page at Hot City | Facebook

Our event is now live on Facebook:

Log In | Facebook

The night launches on Sunday September 4th with Delusions and Hushpuppy as our resident pairing. On the 25th, coinciding with Snafu's week long 7th birthday celebration and Aberdeen Universities Freshers Weeks we are presenting the mighty Josh WInk, 'Hot City on acid' style. Guest-wise the night aims to push boundaries and outstrip the normalistic repetitiveness that is often the status quo. Fresh and punchy is the order of the guest schedule we plan to create.

Aiming to become a hub for all that is vibrant, off-beat and decidedly brilliant, Hot City is itching to let loose upon its prospective citizens.

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