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Pedals & Pedal Board

Alan Badge

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Selling off my wee pedal board and pedals as I no longer use it. It consists of -

Boss Tremelo ( Think it's the Tr2) - 40

Boss Tu2 Tuner - 40

Dunlop CFH Dimebag Wah ( Immaculate with box and gubbins) -90

Biyang Baby Boom series analogue delay true bypass (brand new with box) 30

Biyang Baby Boom series Fuzz (As above) - 25

Gator Pedal Board cant remember exact model it's the gig buddy or something the lid folds out into a guitar stand that holds three guitars. It's compact but held 6 pedals and a multi pedal power supply no problem. I had the board modded, it was felt covered but I got a piece if astral board fitted so the Velcro would stick - 50

Multi pedal power supply, power 5 pedals - 10

Pm if interested please

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any chance you could measure the case interior....the website gives measurements which would suit me and shows a picture with 8 pedals and a wah..............but from what you are saying it sounds smaller..........i could pop round to have a look.....unless you are in america.....cheers dave

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