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dot to dot presents LIEBE at Snafu

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May at 23:00 - 21 May at 03:00

Location: Snafu

1 Union Street

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

LIEBE gels together top artists from the country's most exciting events, for an immersive experience at Snafu under the club's dot to dot programme.

More about the music than name, while Liebe's DJs are all found playing at successful residencies elsewhere, they'll be using these Snafu events as a platform to break new music, pushing the boundaries of their own chosen styles. Accentuating sounds are alternating visual and graphic creators from Liebe's network of individuals sourced from up and down the UK.

Funktion1 sound system //

Fri 20th May ::

audio - Scislowski and Beirne

visual - Ouijohn and Redux

mixes - Star Jump by Scislowski (Liebe/Minival) by snafusoundsystem on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

poster by Sio - so_


dot to dot - Friday's at Snafu -

Mixed Bizness // Bigfoot's // All Neon Like // Snafu Live // Liebe // Everything Else Sucks // and more...


// free before 12.30, 4 after

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