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Drum Gear For Sale


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I've got some drum gear for sale, just because I've upgraded some stuff and I no longer need this stuff:

Gibraltar Intruder 9611 DC DB (Double Chain Double Bass) Pedal. I bought this 19 months ago for 220 ish from DJM Music. It's a great double kick pedal, very smooth and fast response. There's not much lag in the left pedal, like there is in some other double kick pedals. Both pedals have even response and the only reason I need to get rid of it is because I have Pearl Demon Drive pedals now.

Double Kick Pedal: 100

Paiste Signature 18" Thin China. Great sounding cymbal, very strong despite being called 'Thin' China. Paiste cymbals can take a hammering so I'm not worried about any of mine breaking. New, these cost upwards of 250 so if you've got any reasonable offers, please PM me.

One more thing, I know it's a long shot. I've got a 12" Tama Superstar Rack tom which came extra when I bought my kit a few years ago. It's never really been on the kit because it's always been a 'spare'. I don't know what kind of heads are on it, it's either Tama stock ones or Remo Pinstripe. Either way, PM with an offer for it if you're interested.




- Dick

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