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New Annoying Ringtone music (breakcore/gabber/speedcore/dancecore)


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"North Side Stars" - a brand new dancecore mash-up (contains 4 songs, 500bpm gabba kicks etc):

Annoying Ringtone - North Side Stars.mp3

Speed Monster EP (6 very short gabba / speedcore songs made whilst messing around with Ohmicide vst):

Annoying Ringtone - Speed Monster EP.rar

Dancegore Warriors (4 songs by us out of 20 songs total. Grindcore / dark breakcore influenced gabba type stuff):


All feedback / merciless slagging appreciated! :up:

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New song on the compilation "Dance Corps 2: Hyperhappyhardcore".

It's called 'sixONEsix' and it's a 250bpm remix of a 180bpm track from an old bonkers CD.

To download the mp3 on it's own, go here:

Dance Corps 2 - Hyperhappyhardcore Various Artists Listen and discover music at Last.fm

To download the entire compilation (19 tracks, 51 minutes, 112mb) go here:


As always, feedback (positive, negative...whatever) appreciated!

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