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  1. 2 new 90s rave style tracks on my soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/annoyingringtone Please check 'em out!
  2. Another new one, gone for an early 90s rave vibe this time soundcloud.com/annoyingringtone/annoying-ringtone-envy
  3. Lockah - your EP is ACE! I love it Also, I just got sent a remix of one of my mash-up/speedcore tracks from a Japanese producer called "DJKurara", check it out here:
  4. Haven't posted here to pimp out my music for a while, but I'm still on the go and looking to do more local gigs. I currently have 2 projects on the go and can perform as either alias: Annoying Ringtone (Breakcore / Mash-Up / Speedcore / Dancecore) I've played around 25 gigs, net-released 4 albums (for free), 3 EPs, done numerous split releases and had an experimental noise album released on CD by a small American punk label since forming this project back in 2007. I've done gigs in Germany ("Trash N Core" in Berlin, 2012), Poland ("Rombanka SoundSystem" in Szczecin, 2012), Russia [X2] ("Extreme Rave Fest" & "Acidcore Fest" in Saint Petersburg, 2011), Bulgaria ("Remurder" in Sofia, 2011), Belgium [X5] ("Wanted: Freaks" in Antwerp, 2009, "Hertz" in Ghent, 2010, "Ragga Terror Front" in Ghent (twice) 2011 & 2012 and "Stroke" in Ostende, 2012). Weirdly I've gotten booked more abroad than I have in Scotland this year, hopefully this thread will change that... Some songs: "Crunk Bass Mafia" "Earthquake Hyperbreak RMX" "Let The Dancecore Take Control" Khaotek (Drum & Bass / Crossbreed / Industrial Hardcore) This is my new, more "serious" sounding rhythm & beats focused project. I haven't done any gigs yet, but looking to start playing sometime soon as I have 30 minutes+ of material finished. Some songs: "Kill Them All" "Mechanoid" So yeah, if you'd like to get hold of me for a gig (I'll play any sort of event - regular gigs, raves, charity gigs etc.) then reply here or email me at dancecorps@aol.com Thx!
  5. I've recently started a new electronic music project focusing on tech-y drum & bass, gabber and breakbeat music. The idea was to make tracks that were simple but hard hitting; with little or no instrumentation and attention on drum programming and pounding beats. I've made 7 songs so far, you can download 5 of them as part of this release: http://archive.org/download/siro471Khaotek-Mechanoid/siro471Khaotek-Mechanoid.zip (it's free to download) or if you don't wanna download, listen below: "Kill Them All" "Seven Days" "Mechanoid" "General Error" All feedback appreciated!
  6. I suspect that she isn't getting any money off the council. Could be wrong though.
  7. I just put my (artist name "Annoying Ringtone") new album (a split with a guy from Belgium called "Audiotist") online today. The style is mash-up, breakcore, punk, noise, gabber, dancecore etc and the title is "Apocalypse Afterparty". Here is the cover: It's got 10 tracks in total (5 each artist) and can be downloaded for free here: http://www.archive.org/download/DCRPS025/DCRPS025.zip All feedback appreciated!
  8. Hey folks, I'm looking to host some electronic music nights (I currently organize 2 nights at Tunnels, with perhaps 3 or 4 editions of each per year) in Aberdeen in the near future... If anybody who makes electronic music (any genre though preferably something more 'underground' or slightly unusual) is looking for gigs in Aberdeen then let me know!
  9. Another new speedcore mash-up! (Original songs by Tranzits, DJ Funk vs. Justive and XS Project!)
  10. New song called "Feel The Speed Of The Night" - it's a speedcore mash-up mix of 3 songs with almost identical names that have been sped up and synced with speedcore drums programmed by me Listen here:
  11. It's been a while since I posted here, but if anyone cares we've net-released two albums lately... The first is a 4 track speedcore mash-up EP called "Turborave". All songs are between 200bpm and 260bpm and it's pretty stupid. You can download it here: http://www.archive.org/download/SRmp3_221/SRmp3_221.zip The second is a 22 song, 15 minute experimental thing called "Hypertone" I wanted to see if it was possible to make minimalist styled electronic music that had the same vibe as heavy grindcore / goregrind. A pretty silly idea, but I guess the end result could be described as sounding like a minimalist techno artist trying to cover Last Days Of Humanity. You can download it here: Annoying Ringtone - Hypertone (UR-002).zip Feel free to leave feedback!
  12. Annoying Ringtone - breakcore, mash-ups + extreme remixes, cybergrindcore and metal-influenced gabber / speedcore. Annoying Ringtone | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos dancecorps@aol.com (don't know if it interests you but though I'd post my details anyway!)
  13. I can play it if you like - Fire me an email (dancecorps@aol.com) or send a myspace message if you're still looking for acts. -Tom / Annoying Ringtone
  14. New release! It's an 8 track split with Russian breakcore artist Distonn. Download here: http://www.archive.org/download/DCRPS015/DCRPS015.zip Let me know what you think!
  15. New song on the compilation "Dance Corps 2: Hyperhappyhardcore". It's called 'sixONEsix' and it's a 250bpm remix of a 180bpm track from an old bonkers CD. To download the mp3 on it's own, go here: Dance Corps 2 - Hyperhappyhardcore Various Artists Listen and discover music at Last.fm To download the entire compilation (19 tracks, 51 minutes, 112mb) go here: DCRPS014.zip As always, feedback (positive, negative...whatever) appreciated!
  16. Thanx I'm glad you like! We'll have more stuff online within the next couple of months (all for free download of course).
  17. You know, I actually quite like elements of the music here (That said, it smells of hipster way too much (the gig even looks like it's in some middle class suburban garden, haha)) Regarding horrible embarrassing music, I'm yet to hear or see anything that tops this video that was posted on Look at this fucking hipster a couple of years ago -
  18. "North Side Stars" - a brand new dancecore mash-up (contains 4 songs, 500bpm gabba kicks etc): Annoying Ringtone - North Side Stars.mp3 Speed Monster EP (6 very short gabba / speedcore songs made whilst messing around with Ohmicide vst): Annoying Ringtone - Speed Monster EP.rar Dancegore Warriors (4 songs by us out of 20 songs total. Grindcore / dark breakcore influenced gabba type stuff): DCRPS012.zip All feedback / merciless slagging appreciated!
  19. DO IT! I'll be on sometime between 12 and 1 I think, hopefully see you there
  20. Some guy from Edinburgh (Jamin Ninjah) and myself, also there'll be a set by Comptroller (chiptune) and another DJ playing too, though I think he'll just play electro o_O Anyway hope to see you there!
  21. Jamie - It's Tom here (Annoying Ringtone)...do you know that there's a breakcore / chiptune gig on in Tunnels straight after your gig? This is going to be a FUCKING ACE night!!! :woohoo:
  22. I'll second that, the first is definitely the better of the two.
  23. I disagree, imo it sounds really cool! What software did you use to produce the track? Also, you say that you're interested in gigging sometime soon?
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