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Mothership presents - SILICONE SOUL!!! + Adam Akers


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Since first appearing on Slams mighty Soma Records, DJ-production duo Craig Morrison and

Graeme Reedie, aka Silicone Soul, have occupied a special place in the over-crowded field of electronic dance music, mainly through the depth and quality of their recordings plus innate understanding of musics grand heritage and its constant development.

Theyve always turned their heads away from vacuous trends to follow their passion and instincts, famously turning down Top Of The Pops for their top ten hit Right On but happy in the knowledge that every single they release kicks off in the underground clubs; esoteric, melodically-textured and underpinned by a compulsive, euphoric throb harking back to the earliest days of disco.

In keeping with Somas in-house mix swapping, Craig and Graeme have remixed several names on the roster, including Slam and starting their Darkroom Dubs imprint in 2003 to venture deeper underground with a roster including Mirror Music, Sei A and Extrawelt.

Silicone Soul have also adapted themselves to live gigs as they tour extensively; in the last year theyve left indelible footprints anywhere from Murmansk to Melbourne, while holding residences at Barcelonas

La Terrrazza, Antwerps Caf DAnvers and Pressure, Slams current club at The Arches where it all began.

In 2009 Silicone Soul received two nominations in DJ Mags Best Of British awards (Best Album, Best Producer). Their accompanying praise cited, a name that encapsulates the marriage of the synthetic and the sincere at the heart of their musicnot only one of Scotlands most exciting and challenging dance acts, but Britain and beyond.

2010 seen remix EPs from their last Soma album and label compilation Darkroom Dubs Volume II Mixed By Silicone Soul, a second collection of exclusive, unreleased and favourite tracks from their label, which stands tall as one of the years best musical journeys. Recent releases include Silicone Soul Remixed for Soma, featuring Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Prompt, Nhar & Klartraum and Time Mariners Mirrour, for Darkroom Dubs.

2011 - They play Snafu :0)

Advance tickets ***ONLY 6 (4 for members)*** from One Up, Athenaeum (no booking fee!) and Ticketweb here


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