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Music of the last decade - iTunes smart playlists.

Edgar Graham

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Yeah, so as I mentioned in the albums of the year, I was inspired to create smart playlists for each of the last 10 years after I made one for 2010. So the purpose of this thread is to ask...

1. Which year is the largest?

2. Which year do you consider to be the best?

3. Why?

For me...

1. Largest is 2010, coming in at 2.83gb. Did have a 20gb clearout recently though of stuff I never listened to.

2. Best year is a close one between 2004 and 2010

3. Well, 2004 produced Arcade Fire - Funeral, Animal Collective - Sung Tongs and Willy Mason - Where the Humans Eat. You can't really get a better year than that! 2010 though has got me excited about music again, I was becoming slightly disillusioned with bands/artists over the last couple years, opting to listen to techno/minimal techno instead.

IMO nothing REALLY special had come out in the last two years before 2010 (or at least so I thought at the time, discovered a few classics this year)(maybe with the exception of Bitte Orca) but that has been all change this year, it was getting to the point where I was getting fed up looking through my iPod for something to put on, whereas now I feel like I'm spoilt for choice. So yeah, after thinking that through, still even! 2004 for nostalgia, 2010 for future nostalgia.

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The only music I have on itunes is the music I've downloaded since I bought this laptop in March. So 2010 would easily have the most music.

This year has been really great, but I think that's in part just because I've been more proactive in listening to new music this year than I have been in a while.

2007 was really great, Radiohead, Animal Collective, Panda Bear, M.I.A, Of Montreal, Pantha Du Prince, deerhoof, Liars, The National. Some of those I didn't hear until later though.

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The closer it gets to 2010 the bigger my collection gets. 10 years ago I was 15 so my taste in music has changed quite drastically. Are KoRn still releasing albums? The biggest shift was definitely in the first half of the decade, between 2000 and my baggy jeans Limp Bizkit t-shirt and spiked hair to buying the last Sleater-Kinney album in 2005.


2010 is the largest. I got this laptop last year and have also been more proactive about listening to new music this year so that makes sense. It was also a brilliant year for music across a wide spread of genres.

I'll have to choose my best once all the tags for the years are corrected. I know that 2010 is the largest anyway as none of the other years come close even if a few more do slip in.

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