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consoles + lcd tv


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got a 26' (i think!) JVC tv for sale with some minor screen burn/retention. as this is the case it's only 50

also have an original xbox (hacked with evoX dash, XBMC etc on it) it also has several emulators and hundreds of games for each installed. SNES, Megadrive etc

i have a hacked PSP with over 80 games up for grabs too, again its capable of playing the above emulators and games

lastly i have "scene it?!" for the xbox 360 with 4 of the buzzers and a call of duty black ops 360 controller which is a week old, barely used for 30. i'll be honest, i like it but i'm a bit heavy handed for it and keep ending up clixking in the thumbstick while trying to aim. doesnt seem to be a problem for most folks but i get a bit too "in to it"

any questions, PM me.



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