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TRUTH BE TOLD + Absolutist + Crooked Little Vein = Sat 15 Jan

The Ghost Of Fudge

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'Fudge Aberdeen' on Facebook and the Moorings Bar present:


8pm-3am, 3 door


Truth Be Told - Metal on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

A band of outstanding musicians from outstanding

musical backgrounds. To understand the energy that

goes into every note, every breath used, you need to

see Truth Be Told live. Not a band to let boundaries

keep them to one sound, musical influences and

techniques are brought in from every angle to write

some of the Metal Worlds most brain crushing riffs

and rhythms together to produce an almost coma

inducing assault on the senses.


Absolutist | Aberden, UK | Metal / sludge / hardcore punk | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

Sludge-metal! Hardcore punk! I just know this ones

going to divide the Saturday night crowd... These

noisy locals will be playing their first gig at the bar.


Crooked Little Vein on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Fellow debutants Crooked Little Vein play a mix of

punk and grunge. A variety of influences ranging from

Metallica to Nirvana and Green Day makes for a mix

of female vocals, catchy melodies and driving riffs.

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