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Singer & Drummer required for getting drunk and playing punk

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Hi everyone,

Guitar and bass require drums and vocals for thrashing out classic punk covers, the odd bit of metal and generally having a good time.

Influences (and the current setlist) includes Anti Nowhere League, Blitz, Dead Kennedys, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Killing Joke, The Clash, Therapy?, etc.

We're not taking ourselves too seriously at this point, we've both been musicians for years but have got somewhat out of practice in recent times. At the moment all we're looking to do is rehearse and play a few gigs with a view to writing original material if things go well.

Age isn't really an issue and technical ability isn't a huge problem (it's punk after all). Passion for the music and commitment to one practice a week is more or less all that's needed.

Please no egos or timewasters.

Cheers! 8-)

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