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  1. Sent you a private message mate
  2. Hi everyone, Guitar and bass require drums and vocals for thrashing out classic punk covers, the odd bit of metal and generally having a good time. Influences (and the current setlist) includes Anti Nowhere League, Blitz, Dead Kennedys, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Killing Joke, The Clash, Therapy?, etc. We're not taking ourselves too seriously at this point, we've both been musicians for years but have got somewhat out of practice in recent times. At the moment all we're looking to do is rehearse and play a few gigs with a view to writing original material if things go well. Age isn't really an issue and technical ability isn't a huge problem (it's punk after all). Passion for the music and commitment to one practice a week is more or less all that's needed. Please no egos or timewasters. Cheers! 8-)
  3. Early New Model Army, Killing Joke, Mission Of Burma and SWANS are good. I'd like to make something along these lines, but new and different. Or maybe even some DOOM style crust. Anyone fancy it?
  4. johnnyfox


    Interested parties wanted for Art/Post punk noisemaking. Music for the new Cold War. Think New Model Army, Killing Joke, Mission Of Burma, The Chameleons, etc. PM if interested.
  5. Myself and Stufish have been writing some songs. We need you to help us write more, complete our line up and dominate this city. We need you to be a drummer, or a vocalist, or maybe a guitarist...but only if you can do lead vocals. Our influences include (but arent limited to) The Chameleons, Pennywise, Killing Joke, Bad Religion, NOFX, Therapy? etc etc......make of that what you will. Give us a shout if you fancy a chat, jam or indeed, a beer. Cheers. John and Stu.
  6. Hello, and stuff...... Alright, what kinda stuff you into man?
  7. A fellow Chameleons fan.....now theres two of us in aberdeen We know how lucky we are........
  8. Hello everyone, Im looking for people to make some music in the above style....atmospheric with bite and a punky/hard edge. Think Killing Joke, Joy Division, New Order, The Chameleons, The Skids, Wah! etc etc. I've got the live itch again (at least i hope thats what it is) so i'm keen to get up and running, so give me a shout if you fancy a beer, a chat or indeed a jam .
  9. Hello everyone, Basically i need to find someone to help me reign in all my strange ideas and create something semi coherant. I've been playing in bands (mostly metal) for years now, and am fancying a bit of a change. Ideally i'd like to do something in a post punk/new wave style, while keeping my thrashy influences. Ive got tons of ideas, i just need to meet likeminded people who do too, and fancy sitting down and writing some music. And then playing it all over this grey city. Main influences are Killing Joke, The Chameleons, Megadeth, Therapy? Ride, etc etc. Get in touch for a chat and/or beer. cheers.
  10. Alright Mike, What are your thoughts on a combo of Killing Joke, New Order, Joy division and Therapy? Possibly with a bit of The Chameleons for good measure. I'm after a bassist or a drummer, but the ability to write guitar is always welcome. Give me a shout if intrested, cheers, j
  11. Hi all, im a guitarist looking to start an experimental project in the veign of Killing Joke, New Order, Joy Division and Therapy?, etc. Im looking for someone who can play bass and dosent mind doing lead vocals, a drummer and a keyboard/electronicy type person. Ages around 18 to 25, or there-abouts. Give me a shout if intrested. Cheers.
  12. Hi, im a 19 year old rythm/lead guitarist looking to start a new project in the near future. I've got quite diverse influences and a lot of experimental ideas but to start with im looking to form a straight up thrash metal band, or jam with some likeminded people. I've got a lot of material and plenty of previous playing experience. Lead/rythm Guitar, vocals, bass and drums are needed, and if anyone playing keyboard fancied a jam too that would be cool. Influences include Maiden, Anthrax, Megadeth, Annihilator, Wasted Youth, D.R.I, Municipal Waste, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple, Testament, Children Of Bodom ect and loads of other stuff in that vien. Preferably im looking for people around 17 - 25 but if anyone older fancied it then thats cool. Email me or post here if your interested! Cheers!!!!
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