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New Belle and Sebastian song for free

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Except it's only available tomorrow, unless you are this lucky Twitter person.

Write About Love is going to be the lead track from the album.

It will be initially available from our website from Tuesday (7th September) for a very limited time as a free download and also to stream. It will be available on iTunes in the USA only from the same date - but everywhere else has to wait until the official release date in the UK of 25th October.

However, we want to give the track to one of our Twitter followers 24 hours ahead of it being available to the rest of the world.

We will mail an mp3 of the song to a randomly selected individual on Monday 6th, making them the first person outside the band and immediate associates / record labels to have the song in any form.

It is the winner's choice what to do with it: they can keep it to themselves in the knowledge that no-one else has it; share it with their friends; hold a listening party at their home or they could let the world either hear it or read all about it online (and see if we get upset in the process!). The choice is their's. . .

To put yourself in the frame to receive your own copy of Write About Love digitally on Monday, here's what you have to do:

You need to sign up (if you haven't already) to follow us @bellesglasgow on twitter and then post one 140 character or less message using the hashtag #writeaboutlove. The content of the message is entirely up to you: it could be to share the TV show with your friends and followers, or be more generally about the band, single or album - it's up to you.

As well as mailing the track to the winner immediately, we will also send them by mail a finished copy of the vinyl and CD ahead of release and some other B&S goodies. Get tweeting!

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