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wanted : Bassist with vocals or Vocalist as well !


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Our Band (no-name as yet) has just lost our bass player, to real-life problems....(a little earlier we lost our vocalist too!!) :(

We are in the process of semi-regular rehearsing, and are working up a decent set list.....


We would like to recruit a new Bassist (who possibly can do some vox too).... or maybe a Bassist AND Vocalist !

At present we are... Chris on Guitar, Sam on Guitar and some Vox and Tom the Drummer....

If anyone is available and interested, please get in touch (we don't bite!)

We're looking for a easy-going, competent player/singer who has their own equipment, ...mature (over 21yrs) likes making decent music and having some fun doing it, NO stardom/ego's though please!

We play classic rock, blues rock, 12 bar boogie etc, etc....

(anyone seriously interested and I'll send them a set list)

We'd really like to get back to rehearsing asap with a view to gigging in the not too distant future...

we're easy going and flexible, so please get in touch..... you know you want to !!!!


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