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Ford Ka for sale - 500 ono


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Hey, couldnt find an appropriate place to place this ad except here, so it may get moved!

Aye, selling my ford ka! i'll be honest, it needs a touch of work to make it perfect, i dont have the time or cash to be arsed with it though to be honest, most of the problems are tiny cosmetic problems, but ive reflected all the problems in the price but i am OPEN TO OFFERS!. but it runs fine and i use it on a daily basis at the moment :)

If anyones interested, give me an email at Rickicaz1279@hotmail.com or a call/text on 07867 512787

heres all the details below.

T Reg (1999) Ford Ka 1.3

61000 Miles on the clock

4 months MOT

Will need tax ( current tax is through my fathers disability thingy )

Purple ( colour coded bumpers )

Lip spoiler

Sony CD player included ( with Aux-in for mp3 player )

Fox Alloys ( Although they are quite kerbed! nae in such good nick )

full set of red/black seat covers/steering wheel cover in quite good nick, although i could never figure out how to get them to fit properly :/ maybe someone else can???

Just had new spark plugs and Air Filter fitted

Just had 2 brand new front tyres around 4 weeks ago

Just had brand new front right wishbone arm replpaced ( Fucking aberdeen potholes )

Bad bits:

. Could do with new front brake pads ( 15 or so from ebay/reids at the beach )

.Rust starting to bubble around rear left wing, could be rubbed down and resprayed but cant be arsed lol.

. Small rust patch appearing at bottom of passenger and drivers side door.

. Plastic fascia that holds CD player in keeps coming loose, bit of glue would sort it!

. Drivers side window doesnt come all the way down, seems like its getting stuck on something, its non-electrical so is probably just the cables being tangled or something.

. Odd dent and scratch here and there, pretty typical of age...

. Engine runs fine but could do with a new coil pack or new spark leads to get it running a bit smoother, its been getting a weak spark the last month or so, but again, just couldnt be arsed getting it done....New Coil packs are like 30 quid off ebay, and if you can get underneath the car they take about 25 minutes to replace ( if you know what your doing! )

. Theres a knock coming from the front somewhere when i go over the odd bump or so, i had all the suspension replaced recently with parts from overton ( including shocks ) and they were fitted perfectly, so its not that....hasnt caused any problems to the drive though.


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