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Fender Telecaster for sale

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I'm selling my spare Tele, which I've had since 1999 or 2000, when I bought it new. It is a genuine USA model, made in the Corona factory and the serial number will confirm this.

It's metalic aqua blue/green in colour, has been serviced regularly throughout it's life and consequently plays fantastically well. The action is very low and the intonation remains perfect; It'll take a capo all the way up the neck with no fuss.

It has been gigged regularly, from Clocker through Eddison and Edgar Prais to, more recently, Deportees, and therefore bears the hallmarks of a 'used' guitar. It has a couple of minor dents, neither of which affect the sound or playability in any way and there are several fine scratches, particularly 'belt scratches' none of which breach the paintwork. If you're reading this then you'll know that these guitars get better with age. The used look is actually sought after too: I mean, people actually pay hundreds of /$ extra to get the Road Worn Teles.

My reason for selling is two fold: I have another Tele (deluxe model with S-1 pickup system etc); and I want to buy a Peerless or Gretsch Semi Acoustic. I'll be sorry to see this one go but only because I'm a sentimental fool. I'll be selling it with my TourGrade hard case.

Contact me on modman555@hotmail.com if you're intersted, or text me on 07725 301130. I can send photos, take it in for a proper look/play and we can discuss a price. These guitars retain their value well so don't be offering a ridiculously low price because I'm not that desperate for a quick sale.

Regards, Modman

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