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JJ 10 Easy Wishes

JJ Bull - 'Ou Sont Les Elephants' RELEASE SHOW INSTORE @ ONE UP 20th MARCH

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The official release show for Ou Sont Les Elephants, the debut album by JJ Bull (me). Performing with me are The Dinosaurs: a band made up of members from Deportees, 10 Easy Wishes, Right Hand Left and Crashdown. The album took all my time and money over the last year and a half and I'd absolutely love it if you could find it within your hearts to come down and support a local act really trying to do something with music. Tracks are available to listen to on myspace and the album will be available for 10 bucks from One Up and HMV, and 8 squid from iTunes and Spotify.

JJ Bull - Album released 22nd March on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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