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WANTED: Experienced Sound Engineer

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The Moorings may shortly be hosting gigs more frequently than at present, and our existing lead sound engineer no longer has sufficient spare time at his disposal to tackle our workload which includes equipment maintenance, live recording etc in addition to live engineering.

We are looking for experienced sound and lighting engineer(s), people with a good knowledge of electronics, who know how to use a screwdriver, soldering iron, and would have a passing familiarity with things like Ohm's Law. By experienced I mean someone with considerable real world experience, sorry but those recently graduated and still wet behind the ears would not be suitable for this post.

We already have a capable junior engineer and stagehand at our disposal. The successful candidate would not be required to work every gig (unless they desperately wanted to). Our most pressing consideration is the on-going maintenance. Anything from 12 - 24 hours per week of work are available, with the potential for private recording/mixing/mastering commissions in addition to that utilising our in-house 24-track digital recorder.

We're happy to talk to any interested party whether an individual or a business.

If anyone would be interested in undertaking all or part of this work then please PM me.

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RE: post

Hi there,

i am aware you say in the post that you are not looking for someone who is "wet behind the ears" however i would like to put myself forward for consideration.

I am currently studying electrical engineering which on its own i would believe to be an advantage to the post, on top of this i am a highly skilled sound technician, who has engineered in many high profile venues (e.g. eden court Inverness, Joules Holland's Jam House Edinburgh and the Forum Aberdeen) i have also recorded and engineered several bands mostly Traditional music however i can turn my hand to anything! i am a competent user of pro tools and logic on mac and pc.

also i would like to say i have already completed a full multi-thousand pound, sound and light installation in my home town of Tain (highland) of which i can provide photos and details of on request

i would really appreciate the chance to be considered for the position and would like to prove to you that it is not always nessicary to be over 40 in order to be a reliable and highly skilled multi-purpose technician! :-)

I currently freelance under the name www.scot-sound.co.uk check out the website, i am still attempting to build up a reputation in the city after only recently moving down.

thanks for your time


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