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Vox standard 24 guitar - For sale

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Vox Standard 24 for sale. Made between 1978 - 1984. This is a reluctant sale but i need the cash so..this is such a reliable guitar, and as sturdy an instrument as you'll find..im thining of using it for knocking in tent pegs of it doesnt sell!! ( im joking by the way ) its some machine. They are VERY rare, its unknown how many were made, they were discontinued quite soon after they started making them, suffice to say you'll never see anyone else playing one if youre gigging.

Pick-ups are vintage Dimarzio super distortions, so expect really thick tones, thats not to say you cant get a really crisp clean or distorted sound too, put it through decent fuzz pedal and it'll eat most guitars, playabilty is amazing and it stays in tune absolutley perfectly. Condition - it has some dings and dongs but hey its 25+. I want 400 for it.

Heres some reviews...people like them, its safe to say haha

Vox Standard 24: Harmony Central User Reviews

Some piccies here too - Vox Standard 24 Guitar Super Rare Aberdeen Aberdeen guitars guitar amps for sale

Contact me with any queries


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