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Internet Radio?


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Anybody got an internet radio?

Bought one of these with some cash I got for Christmas:

M&S Wi-Fi Radio MX-200-Marks & Spencer

Got is set up last night and it's very impressive. Connects wirelessly to my router, then I can access pretty much any radio station in the world. For example, one of the first stations I found was called Radio Free Texas, first song that came up was Old Crow Medicine Show and then it was Steve Earle. Take THAT Radio 1. Also scrolls track names of who is playing across the screen.

And when you go to the BBC stations, say Radio 2, it gives you the option to listen live, or "On Demand", ie anything that's on the iPlayer.

AND it will stream MP3s and the like wirelessly from my laptop. Cool stuff for 42 (price appears to have gone up slightly since I bought it.)

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Aye they've come on technology-wise in the past year or so. Seems like a good buy. What's the sound quality like?

I was quite surprised by the sound quality, it's mono so I wasn't expecting much, but I was listening to Saturday's Off the Ball last night and the sound was great. Music's not quite as good as spoken word I would say, but perfectly listenable. I've got mine in my kitchen and it's fine for that purpose.

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