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Vocalists / and Others Required!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for taking the time to check out my ad.We are looking for a female vocalist with some far reaching vocal skills and who can wail in tune and who may be able to play either synth,flute,or maybe violin.

You wont be expected to sing on every song, nor to play your instrument all the time either.

You will either have already found your own voice or be happy to do so within the rehearsal time. We rehearse at Musical Vision in Aberdeen city centre. You will be expected to pay your share if you become involved. It costs between 12.50 and 10 per hour, and our sessions last three hours.

You will be a happy upbeat person with a open mind and a whole bunch of talent.

We are a patient, laid back lot so no need to feel stressed out about coming along to try out.

If you have any material on-line that we can check out ,even better.

Even if you can only do one of the requested skills, do get in touch.

We are very open to all replies, and will do our best to answer them all.

I will list some artists as a reference point. You won't necessary be making this kind of music but you may have some of the approach.


Ofra Haza, Jah Wobble,Clare Torry (nae Clare fae Torry),Kerstin Haigh,Diamanda Galas,Yoko Ono

We don't do covers so don't turn up expecting to sing along to something you know. You will have enough creative space to find your own groove.

If this is something that interests you, feel free to get in touch.

Best reards


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