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Update, ye ken?

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Hot Damn!

Thought I'd stab up a wee update for all those who might have an interest. We had a wee... umm... stooshie with our keyboard player and haven't heard from him in months. LOL. Anyway, as a result we've pursued a slightly more guitar-orientated, possibly post-rockish sound in recent times. You should hear it.

We're also FINALLY recording a new EP! Get in. The track list is looking something like

1) Let me in

2) ----

3) This is my Empire

The second tune'll probably be Eager at Midnight. Maybe.

Thanks for your time x

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Mitch's Delight as the secret fourth track ;)

Hope you are having a launch night for this as I know a band who would be interested in supporting you for it :) x

Haha of course we will be, it'll just probably take us 3 years to get the songs onto a CD we can physically sell. It's the Headlight way. :)

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