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Cuddly shark album oot noo!


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"Cuddly Shark" our eponymous debut album is out today, including the sma'-shit singles, The Punisher of IV30, Woody Woodpecker and The Sheriff of Aspen Bay plus a whole host of other riff- busting tunes.

You can buy the record on CD from the freshest faced indie in Scotchland, Armellodie Records:

Armellodie Records - Cuddly Shark

If digital is your thing then the usual myriad of Mp3 shops should be stocking our wares as of noo.

Here's the link for iTunes: Cuddly Shark by Cuddly Shark - Download Cuddly Shark on iTunes

Thank you for your support.

The album's been getting some great feedback, none more so than from our faithful allies, Subba-Cultcha, who not only gave all our singles accolades but have now pretty much nailed what we're all about in this album review. Big thanks to those Subba folks!

Cuddly Shark - Subba-Cultcha Review

Cuddly Shark - Cuddly Shark

Some of Glasgows freshest faces release their debut album and its pretty spectacular

Cuddly Shark, upon first listen, are one of the rarities a music journalist is given a band you have never heard of that you actually want to keep listening to. Upon second, third and fourth listen my initial reaction is not wrong. Hailing from Glasgow, which has a very tried and test amazing music scene, Cuddly Shark are two boys and a wee bonnie lass, and they create brutal, solid rock n roll that is sometimes like Fugazi and sometimes like Weezer. And sometimes, its like nothing and no one else. But it is always good.

A particular highlight of the album, other than the simplistic but intriguing dynamics of it all, are the lyrics. One of my favourites off of the album 12 Months, has the vocalist (I dont know which of the two blokes it is, I think both plus girl all sing) shout-singing I need sex because Im a perv and I stare at girls because Im a perv theres nothing quite like brutal honesty and self reflection. In fact, it usually makes for awesome song writing when done in a self degrading not-poetic-at-all way.

Another favourite of mine from the album is Whiteoaks, which is very reminiscent of Weezer having one of their inspired pop moments. In fact, imagine Weezer crossed with Pavement, but definitely with Rivers on vocals. The lovely melodies, the simplistic and catchy riffs topped with the sweet sounding vocals make a very good song indeed. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is The Sheriff of Aspen Bay which is more brutish a la Fugazi and co than it is Weezer pop. The Sheriff of Aspen Bay captures you in its frenzy, carries you on a torpedo ride pausing slightly for a little break down section and then carries right on and spits you out. In fact, the same could be said of the awesome Bowl of Cherries. However, they do meet in the middle and make this a very cohesive, well thought out album. Another personal favourite from the album, Woody Woodpecker, take the harsh elements as well as the pop sound and moulds the two together to make a near flawlessly executed piece of rock n roll.

All in all, Cuddly Sharks self titled debut is very impressive indeed and they once again prove that the Scots (mostly) know how to make music.


By: Sara Curtis

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