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Car chases that drive me mental!


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I am sure I will come across as some sort of over analytical geek boy but Hollywood car chases just drive me mental, their are hundreds of examples but two recent ones that spring to mind are from the series Moonlight and the film Doomsday.

Moonlight : Hero vampire bloke and girlie he is bodyguarding are trying to lose some goons who are driving some big chunky typically American SUV types, all body roll, oversteer and massive oversized tyre. The good guys though have these big tonka trucks right up their back side and pulling up beside them the whole chase and only after some good fortune lose them. However said good guys were in an Audi R8!!!! This chase was mostly around "A" type roads with lots of high speed cornering, something the R8 is built for but as per Hollywood usual the chase has to be close.

Doomsday : How you can't escape loons in a battered old VW minibus (even if souped up) when driving a Bentley GT Coupe with it's monster W12 twin turbo engine on long fast sweeping roads. What the hell!!!!

Anyone else with examples of crazy car chases that shouldn't happen as one party's vehicle is a completely different league?

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