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1971 univox hi-flier for sale


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1971 Univox Hi-flier for sale ( Phase 2 ..the rare type ) its been modified to the same specs as one that Kurt Cobain played...thats not why i bought it cos that would be a bit shit, it was just a bargain haha!!..as it still is. Here goes ( all mods done professionally )

Gotoh tune-o-matic fixed bridge

Seymour Duncan JB bridge pick-up ( original will be supplied and is better if im honest ;)

Chrome Machine heads

Original P-90 neck pick up ( this is as good as you'll hear )

Original UNIVOX decal on the headstock

This type are really rare the Phase 2 version, there is a fair amount of battle scars but nowt too serious, its been retouched and re-laquered proffessionally, basically the usual for any near 50 year old. Its a real work horse though and is made of super lightweight wood and as a result the bridge pick up "screams" to put it mildly!! but you already guessed that ;) Any how im looking for 400 for it no less, its a bargain. If youre gigging and want a guitar you wont see anyone else playing...well here it is..

I have plenty of photos so giz a mail or any further details mail me at Mark Riley : fertuiee@hotmail.com



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