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WANTED - Roland Electronic Drums, SWAP For My Acoustic Kit


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Roland Electronic Drum Kit Wanted.

Either TD-9 or TD-12.

Already have a Yamaha DTXpress which I used at my last gig due to space.

Rest of band members liked the sound and was so easy to get the overall balance of the band.

So, have decided to go from acoustic drums on stage to electronic.

Breaks my heart due to the cash I have put into my acoustic kit, but it's for the better of the band...i.e. Country music cant really be too loud.

Anyway, back to the SWAP.

What I have is a 6 Piece Premier Artist Maple Kit in Rosewood

22" Bass drum, 10", 12", 13", 14" rack mounted toms (all with ISO mounts) 16" Floor tom.

Premier Modern Classic Maple Snare Drum, premier snare drum stand, Big Dog Hi-Hat stand, Big Dog bass drum pedal, 3 x double braced boom cymbal stands, Double tom holder for bass drum, boom cymbal arm which goes into tom holder, 13" Sabian Hi-Hat Cymbals, 13" AAX Sabian Crash, 16" Sabian Crash, 18" AAX Sabian Crash Ride, 20" Sabian Ride, 10" Paiste Splash.

All drums in Soft cases expect 16" floor toom, all hardware in HARDCASE.

I reckon I have spent well over 2500 for this kit in the last 2 years. Still in excellent condition.

All drums have new Aquarian heads on top, bass drum has new Aquarian batter head.

What I am looking for is to SWAP this for a Roland TD-9 or TD-12 with mesh pads as the Yamaha rubber pads dont feel the same as an acoustic kit.

If you don't have a Roland kit but want mine, then I will sell them for 1000.

Thanks for looking


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