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Original Ps2 (Black) and 40 games...

Clean My Wounds

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I am looking sell my ps2, 2 controllers, 1 memory card, 1 ps1 memory card, 2 ps1 games to create some space in me house.

It is in full working order and ace condition. To be honest I have hardly used it in the whole time that I have had it, a good few years now.


Here is a list of the games:


toca race driver 2

James Bond 007 Agent under fire


call of duty - Finest Hour

18 Wheeler

GTA - San Andreas ( I have 2 of these)

The Simpsons - Road rage

Time Splitters 2


Dave Mirra Bmx 2

Matt Hoffmans Bmx 2

Gran Turismo 4

Need for speed - underground

Pro Ev soccer 6

Tony Hawks American Wasteland

Gran Turismo 3

Onimusha 2

Metal Gear Solid 2

Metal gear Solid 3

Medal of honour front line

Onimusha 3

GTA - Liberty CIty

Lego Star Wars

Medal of honour - European Assault

Conflict - Vietnam

Tony Hawks Underground

Tom Clancy's splinter cell Pandora tomorrow

toca race driver 3

Crazy taxi

GTA - Vice City

Conflict Desert Storm 2

Fifa football 2005

Rally Fusion Rae of champions

Quake 3

Resident Evil 4

Battlefield 2 - Modern combat

Red Faction 2


Bust a move 4

Micro Maniacs


I would also sell the games seperatly.

I am open to offers on all of the above.


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