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Sky and their gay SMTP server


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Sky have changed their SMTP server so it strips the headers of your email and replaces them with your sky email address. Gmail accounts (and I've been told Hotmail accounts) work as they should as Sky Mail is rejigged Gmail, so it has no problem. The problem occurs when you use an email address from a domain, other than Sky, with Outlook/Thunderbird.

If you need an SMTP server that won't muck up your email, Sky User offer a free SMTP server. All you need to do is register and send them a PM (instructions are on their site, tells you what you need to send them) and they'll set up your access to the SMTP server within a few days. I think mine was overnight.

Just set it up on two computers, mine running Thunderbird, girlfriend running Outlook and both are working fine.

I know there is a lot of folk use Sky on here so I thought I'd pass it on for folks who don't know about it.


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