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FS: Takamine EG512CGAMQ acoustic bass


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Hi folks

I'm pondering selling my Takamine G series (model EG512CGAMQ) acoustic bass. It's a lovely all quilted maple model, quite rare, I suspect it was not available (directly) in the UK. Here's a pic of it:


It's a lovely sounding instrument acoustically with a large jumbo body so it's about as loud as an acoustic bass is going to get unplugged. Plugged in, the piezo goes through the TK-40B preamp - 3 band EQ with adjustable mid shift, bass boost and a nifty built in tuner.

It is in cosmetically excellent condition and is strung with some barely used (but stretched in) Thomastik nylon cored phosphor bronze strings. It also has a TKL hard case.

There is a down side - some idiot before me has damaged the truss rod nut. I have managed to get round this by using a T27 Torx driver - the points of the star seem to fit in what's left of the hex, but whether this continues to work is anyone's guess. It is set up nicely for the Thomastiks.

Because of this damage, I'm obviously going to knock some money off. The plainer models (natural spruce top or black) are around 379 new. If it was mint I'd be asking for 300 with case. In light of the damage to the truss rod nut I'd be looking for offers around the 250 mark.

Anyone up for it?

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