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Looking at getting a new band on the go...


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Right, i'm fed up of not playing live and i really want an excuse to be a bit more proactive guitar-wise again.

I'm looking for like-minded musicians (age somewhere between 20 and 30, either male or female) who have a bit of drive and enthusiasm for playing live and having fun.

I'd be looking at playing guitar and maybe doing a bit of singing myself so i'd be interested in another guitarist, a bassist, a drummer. If someone else fancies singing as well that would be great. If you can play other instruments too (violin, cello, percussion etc) that would also be a bonus.

Having your own equipment is an absolute must and i'd prefer that it was up to a good standard as whilst i'd like to have fun musically i would really like to play to a reasonably serious level.

Flexibilty and commitment are a must. I'm not keen on people who are already in 101 other bands but i understand that will be a little bit difficult in Aberdeen so i'm willing to be a little bit flexible on that front myself. No time-wasters.

Sound-wise, something along the lines of the following artists:

Manchester Orchestra

Sunny Day Real Estate

Rainer Maria




Built To Spill




Death Cab For Cutie

Cloud Cult

Jimmy Eat World

If you're interested at all please get in touch either in this thread or by pm.



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I would, of course, be willing to make exceptions on the age front if i thought that it was the right person. I'm just fed up of going through unsettled and non-committal people in bands.

Anyway, i've got a guitarist and a bassist lined up now and i am now faced with the age-old Aberdeen based task of actually finding that rarest of breeds, a drummer. So if anyone fancies it and meets the criteria then feel free to get in touch.

I could still be persuaded to add more to the line-up if the right people come along though so don't feel afraid to put yourself forward.

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